Do you produce completed watch of your own?
No, we don’t. But we can recommend our clients plenty of supply chain resources.
What is your major client group?
We have no restriction for our clients. Most of our clients are engaged in traditional watches, digital electronics, mobile phones, Internet enterprises etc. 
Which certification Smart Movt already passed?
We have a series of patent certification, quality management system certifications, environmental management system certifications, ROHS, REACH , BQB etc. 
What are the advantages of the movement?

1.To meet the needs of different group in various scenarios.

2.We supply the mechatronics movements which not only inherit the appearance of traditional watch but also meet the needs of smart functions.

3.Optimization of diameter and thickness, which can minimum the diameter to 25mm and the thickness to 4.2mm in order to provide enough room for appearance designing. 

4.We provide the perfect solution of multiple signals processing interfered by metal, and guarantee that you don’t have to debug the signal to keep it stable within 20 meters when you are designing the completed watches. 

5.Deeply optimize the power consumption to extend the battery life upto 6 - 24 months. 

Can I customize the movements?
Sorry, we don’t provide especial customized movements, but we can provide the custom selection within the range of our logic specifications. 
Could you provide the customized application? Do you charge for the customized application?

We will make an adaption with the brand recognition based on the logic of public application, and the cost of APP will be included in the price of the movement.  Also, the charge of modification beyond the logical framework of public APP will be estimated specifically. 

What is the warranty period?

Replacement within 3 months, free maintenance within 1 year and paid maintenance within 2 years.

Could you help me design the completed watch?

We can recommend and provide you the industry design if you are not capable with that. 

What is the price of the movement?

We will provide the exact quotation of specific model after signing the non-disclosure agreement. And the price of sample will be a little bit more expensive than bulk order.

How long is the lead time?

It will take 65 days for regular order.  The lead time is possible to be 30 days for continuous steady order.