Smart Movt Technology Update log


  • 03-01

    Appearance at Basel Watch Fair


    On March 2016, Smart Movt participated in the Basel Watch Fair with the Chinese exhibition group and become the biggest highlight of the group. Dozens of media, officials and horological associations had visited the Smart Movt booth, more than 1000 reports related to the Smart Movt had been spread to 950 million people.

  • 01-01

    Showing To The World – New Products Exhibition


    On January 22, 2016, lots of guests were gathering in Smart Movt, crowded and lively.  Elites and entrepreneurs from the horological industry, smart wearable device industry, cell phone and design industry had attended the exhibition.

    Meanwhile, Smart Movt expressed the sincerity for the consumers and society through displaying the samples, demonstrating the theme and charity sale. The audience were satisfied with the exquisite craftsmanship and corporate philosophy of Smart Movt.


  • 12-01

    R&D of Ultrathin & Ultra Small Smart Movement


    Ultrathin Smart Movement C002: Thickness is just 4.2mm, but still equipped with pedometer, smart time sync, phone-finding, remote shutter, low power alert and UV monitor, etc. C002 can meet the requirements of appearance craftsmanship design of the traditional ultrathin watches pretty much. 

    Ultra Small Smart Movement C003: just 25mm of diameter and 5.5mm of thickness. Which perfectly fits the appearance of the exquisite lady smart watch. Owning the same smart functions like C002, C003 also can monitor your sleeping condition.

    We insist that our products must reach the physical size limits within a certain rage , which can surely make us the industry-scale solution providers and content providers. At present, the project of hardware designing had been accomplished for C002 and C003.

  • 10-13

    Party Of Remix The Traditional Watch and Smart Functions


    On October 13, 2015, Smart Movt welcomes all the guests with new decoration, among the guests are Mr. Zhu Shunhua who is the president of Shenzhen Horological Association, and Mr. Jiang Wenjun, deputy secretary of CWCISA, etc.

    The party starts with the melodious folk music in the office which is decorated in a science and technology style. This kind of remix style corresponds to the central issue of the party, telling people that Smart Movt keeps inheriting the tradition and never cease to integrate the smart functions into traditional watch. 

  • 10-08

    Yield Improvement Of C001 Reaches To Chip-level


    Smart watches with C001 inside sales pretty well in November, as the same time, Smart Movt continues to beautify the yield improvement of C001 to the chip-level as the repair rate is less than 3% in the past three months. 
  • 10-01

    Stable Mass Production Of C001


    C001 is under stable production with the fellows of Smart Movt continually adjust and meticulous control on QA. 

    Eight core smart functions of C001 includes motion data management, message alert, find the phone, remote shutter, smart time sync, NFC-e card, alarm clock, low power alert. Stable mass production of C001 demonstrates that smart function integrates with the traditional watch has come to the reality, meanwhile, a point of success can be copied and pasted for transforming and upgrading the whole industry.  

    To be remembered, T-WATCH created the first China quartz smart watch with C001 inside as it created the first quartz watch in China. 

  • 08-20

    Trial Production of Smart Movement C001


    Completed building the design system of hardware and software doesn’t mean that we can create real value, thus, launching a new product needs to succeed in trial producing it. And the trial production of the new product will lay the foundation for the mass production.

    Under the close cooperation step by step with our staff of PMC, PD and Quality Department, our company have drawn up a series of careful production plans, material control, and management system of import and export products. Fellows of quality department had taken good care of every movement module no matter day and night until we succeeded in the trial production of C001.

    Successful trail production of C001 demonstrates that our movement has completely converted from ideal to reality, and we officially enter the stage of market expansion.

  • 08-10

    More than 240 Days: Battery Life of C001 at Max Power Consumption


    After working hard day and night for several months, the stand-by time of C001 had broken through 240 days. We mainly make some improvements and breakthrough in a few aspects below:

    1. Designing Ideas: Base on the long-term observation and analysis of consumer habits, we keep looking for multi-balance point among the product shape, technical structures and functional adaptation.

    2. Materials of Hardware: Due to the strict requirements on the power consumption, we select the preferred option of global top suppliers and make the most demanding selection. 

    3. Software Structures: We overturned and rebuild thousands times on the process including the underlying architecture algorithms, module design, interactive interface design and overall joint debugging tests, which can maximize the chance that smart functions can fuse with the traditional watch appearance.

  • 07-29

    Our Company Officially Changed Its Name To Smart Movt Technology


    On July 7,2015, our company has officially changed its name from Q-Fits into Smart Movt Technology. 

    We are the industrial business solution provider and content service provider to offer smart movements for pointer watches by basing on the judgments of product design, trend of development , and market demand.

    Meanwhile, we use the brand new VI for the visual system and gradually improve the Corporate Identity System. And our office in the F518 Idea Land which is 600 square meters, also fully renovated upgrade to provide our fellows a comfortable environment.