01 Smart Movt Technology

SMART MOVT Technology Co.Ltd was established in 2013 that focus on module development, technical support and data service for smart wristband products under the condition of low power consumption.

We dedicate to be the pioneer and the standard maker of China smart movement as well as . global leading industrial solution provider and content provider for wrist watch intelligentization in hardware module field which is subsequent to Swiss mechanical movement and the Japanese quartz movement.

In data service field, D-MAP personal data system constructed by Smart Movt focus on personal behavior data. We would like to statistics and refine personal efficiency management, health management, personal preference through collection, organization, filtering, judgment, analysis, feedback, summary, comparison and interactions of data. And then we can provide the interventional suggestion to serve the individuality better.

02 Corporate Orientation

Stand on wristband products filed, stand on personal date service.

03 Cooperate Vision

Construct exclusive personal D-MAP data system for all the users.

04 Cooperate Mission

Establish the bridge to inherit and develop wristband products to make big data serve individuality better.

05 Core Value

Core Value : Work More and Talk Less , Suit the Action to the Word

Filial Piety, Confidence, Love, Responsibility, Desire to Advance

Stay Foolish, Stay Calm, Punctuality, Keep Promise

Establish Yourself Contributions Behave Yourself

Be Careful of What You Said 

Team Spirit : Brave, Selfless, Unity, Optimistic